The Coleridge Way Companion

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Welcome to the Coleridge Way Companion

This website was to support my planned guidebook to everything of interest along the 35 mile walk through West Somerset known as The Coleridge Way. Work on the book has halted, at least for the time being, but there is still collection of articles relating to Coleridge, the Quantocks, Wordsworth, the Somerset Coast, and its landscape, history and poetry in the Coleridge Way Blog.

Articles about Over Stowey and the Quantocks not directly related to the Coleridge Way can be found on my pages at

If you are looking for practical information the best walking directions are downloadable for free from Quantock Online.

Ancient Mariner The wedding-guest sate on a stone,
He cannot chuse but hear:
And thus spake on that ancyent man,
The bright-eyed Marinere.

Tim Whittingham
July 2015